Performance Table for Boichukists,
Performer: Mariia Mytrofanova,
Sound artist: Gizem Oruc,
Director: Alina Matochkina,
Photo documentation: Vasyl Protsiuk.
The performance accompanied the screening of Alina Matochkina's film "ADA".
The event was organised by Ukrainian Film Festival Berlin and took place in the location of Silent Green.
One of the arguments for the destruction of Rybachuk and Melnichenko's Wall of Memory was the accusation of Boichukism, but at the time (1982) the authors had no idea who this was because the memory of these artists (Boychukists were a group of prominent Ukrainian artists who were shot in 1937 in the Bykivnia forest, on the outskirts of Kyiv) had been erased, just as the memory of Rybachuk and Melnichenko was later erased among the next generation of independent Ukrainian artists.