Mariia Mytrofanova (Odesa, 1999).
Artist, performer and one third of BREASTMILK trio.
Currently based in Berlin, Germany.
Mariia graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of the Grekov Odesa Art School (2018) as well as from the faculty of Art and Media of Pedagogical University of Cracow (Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny im. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej w Krakowie,  2022).
Mariia's practice has evolved in interdisciplinary research based projects where she elaborates reflections on fragility of human existence against political, economic and climate changes. She explores human connections within family stories and archives, treating the artworks as a passage through traumatic experiences of our vulnerability of presence against history.
Her recent works focus on the topics of sexual violence, gynecological oppression against women and presence of the female body in the political and cultural contexts of today. In her artworks Mariia leaves space for a particularly strong presence of her own experience that is articulated and actualized on the foundation of contemporary socio-political contexts.